Helping Neighbors.
Transforming Communities.
Reimagining Trajectories.

Way Finders Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report

A Message From Our CEO

Fiscal Year 2022 At A Glance

Helping Neighbors

At Way Finders, we help people who are facing real challenges—with housing, jobs, money, and other cornerstones of daily stability—to find real solutions. We support, believe in, and lift up those in need.

We all need help sometimes

—to see our options, to see our way forward, to see hope for a better future. The right help at the right time? It can positively change the trajectory of someone’s life.

In our client's own words
We help people through a crisis

—to secure emergency housing, pay for housing, avoid eviction and foreclosure, keep utilities on, and recover from trauma.

In our client's own words
We help ease daily struggles

—via help to find a job and reliable daycare, pursue education, manage money, access food, secure transportation, and make home modifications for greater accessibility.

In our client's own words
We help people work toward long-term goals

—for education and training, a higher living wage, economic stability, stronger credit, homeownership, and entrepreneurship.

In our client's own words

Transforming Communities

Way Finders helps revitalize places—equitably, sustainably, collaboratively. To drive big-picture change, we take big-picture actions: We partner, advocate, educate, build, manage, invest, activate, and inspire.

We drive change in the regional housing landscape: We finance, build, rehabilitate, and manage affordable rental properties.

We activate resident leaders at the grassroots level

by helping residents of Holyoke and Springfield advocate for their neighborhoods.

What does that look like?

We champion the local economy

—for example, Way Finders’ subsidiary Common Capital responsibly lends money to entrepreneurs, especially those who face challenges in securing loans via conventional ways.

What does that look like?

“Common Capital has been a big part of growing our business. Helping out with the accounting, always having ideas and things to help us with infrastructure. Making sure we are making some of the right choices.

They’ve also put us in touch with grant money that is out there, that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about.”
-Christie Phinney, Elliott Fire | Eliott Properties

We promote education and action—through an informed housing lens.

We commissioned a second Springfield & Pioneer Valley Housing Report, produced by the UMASS Donahue Institute, to better inform both our work and that of law makers and housing advocates.

The first housing study (March 2021) captures a baseline of housing and economic data for our region. The second report (March 2022) further considers housing affordability and production issues; the impacts of COVID-19 on housing; the relationship between place and access to opportunities; and how to address both segregation and housing gaps in the area.

What stands out to us in the March 2022 report? The need for regional collaboration to make new choices—where to build, who to build for, how to invest in people, how to prioritize housing stability—plus the need for more housing options for people of all income levels.

Read the Study
The pinch of the “mismatch”
Across all incomes, the lack of suitable housing (by cost, condition, size, location) drives up prices
An urgent need to build
To relieve housing pressure, we need 17,000 more affordable rental units
A heavy cost burden
More than half of renters pay 30% or more of income on housing

We partner for impact

by collaborating with those who share our mission, such as accountable care organizations (ACOs), to bridge the connection between health and housing.

Learn More

“At C3, we recognize that addressing our members’ health-related social needs is key to helping them live healthy lives.

Individuals can’t recover from surgery or better manage diabetes if they are facing eviction or don’t have a healthy, stable home environment where they can cook healthy meals and store medication. Our partnership with Way Finders has provided our members with critical additional supports. Together, we are strengthening our neighbors’ health and well-being.” 
-Kim Prendergast, Senior Director Social Health—Community Care Cooperative (C3)

Reimagining Trajectories

Upward. Forward. Toward better—for themselves, for their families, for their communities. Through their relationship with Way Finders, our client’s stories often unfold in ways they never dreamed possible. Such is the power of support, belief, and actionable information.

Client Stories

In Praise Of Our Staff

We are counselors and educators. Housing navigators and housing inspectors. Number crunchers and policy shapers. Case managers and project managers. Residential advocates and employment specialists. And so much more! Our 300+ team members bring a wide mix of skills in pursuit of our shared mission: To build and advocate for a thriving, equitable region by investing in people, places, properties, and systems. Where housing stability and economic mobility are valued, resourced, and within reach for all.



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Change in Net Assets - Operations
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* Property & Asset Management Fees, Developer Fees, Lending interest income & fees, Investment Income, Rental Income,
Release from restriction combined, Gains on sale of property and MA tax credits, Debt Forgiveness
** Includes $47,664,520 in Rental Assistance Contract Funding Disbursed

To all those who supported Way Finders in Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022), we extend deep, heartfelt appreciation. Whether in support of our daily work—via programmatic and systemic operations—or our aspirations to grow and transform to meet the region’s needs, your generosity propelled us forward. Our success, our reach, our impact on people and places: All were made possible by gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations. Thank you.

Ronald Abdow
Affordable Home Inspections
Rondey Allen
Marta Alvarez
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Letitia Armstrong
Associated Building Wreckers Inc.
Sarah Bachrach
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Andrew & Cynthia Balder
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Baystate Health Foundation
Berkshire Bank Foundation
Berkshire Design Group
BlueHub Capital
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Boston Financial Investment Management, L.P.
William Breitbart
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James Broderick
C&S Wholesale Grocers Trust
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Larry Cervelli
Charles H. Hall Foundation
Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation
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Denise Cogman
Community Bank
Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
Mary-Beth & David Cooper
Robert Crowner
Daniel Dennis & Co LLP
Beatrice Dewberry
Kimberly Dinoia
Brenda Doherty
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Robert & Miriam Dorfman
Peter Elton
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John Fisher
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Health New England
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Joyce & Stephen Lewis
James Linfield
LISC Boston
Irene & Lawrence Madden
Alan Mallach
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Massachusetts Housing Investment Corp.
MassMutual Foundation
Susan McGinty
Deborah McPartlan
Rebecca Melaas
MLS Property Information Network
Rosemary Morin
Gwynne E Morrissey
Jasmine Naylor
Betsy Nicoletti
Sol Maria Pagan
LeeAnn Pasquini
Susan Pegoraro
Point32Health Foundation
Realtor Association of Pioneer Valley
DeAnne & Christopher Riddle
Lidya Rivera-Early
George Rosa
Sarah & Tom Rossmassler
Santander Bank, N.A.
Jennifer Santos
Shatz, Schwartz & Fentin P.C.
Colleen Shea
James & Donna Sherbo
Grace Simonette
Jewel Slepchuk
Source Pass
William & Coralie Stevenson
Sarah Szczebak
Megan Talbert
TD Charitable Foundation
The Narrow Gate Architecture Ltd
The Old Howe Place Fund
Serena Torrey
Trinity Health of New England
Erica True
Pamela Tuohey
Leonard Underwood
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Erica Weida
Glenn Welch
David Wells
Barbara Werum Richard
Westfield Bank
William Raveis Mortgage
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